Turnitin plagiarism scan for Gradescope assignments


I love using Gradescope for essay type homework questions due to the phenomenal ease of grading. But in this particular case, I need the answers scanned for plagiarism. It seems that Turnitin is the only Canvas/external tool that will do that. However, the two external tools - Gradesope and Turnitin - cannot be selected for the same assignment. Does anyone else need a hybrid assignment option? I would love to be able to scan Gradescope assignments for plagiarism through Turnitin. It will save me so much grading time. 

I guess the other option will be for Gradescope to have the plagiarism scan on its own but that is a request for another community. 


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Hi @DessyRaytcheva -

It's an interesting question and idea! Canvas does not allow for two LTIs to be used for submission via External Tool. 

Unfortunately, most apps are designed to pass only the information Canvas needs into the gradebook or instructor's view. (To have one tool upload it so another could use it likely won't work.) Additionally, there is some concern about privacy and student data when being moved between tools and apps.

Canvas will be unable to consider this as an idea, but your idea of connecting with Gradescape may be worthwhile.

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Definitely reach out to Gradescope. Similarity reports are currently available as a beta feature: https://help.gradescope.com/article/larqnv308t