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Update Course Summary on Syllabus

Update Course Summary on Syllabus


I LOVE LOVE the course summary on the Syllabus and always make that my home page.  That being said, I really wish the course summary would 'age out' past due assignments.  Or put them at the end.  That way the current due dates are always near the top and students would not need to needlessly scroll. 

I saw a similar idea from 2017 but it looks as if there was no consensus on how to best accomplish a sort that everyone could agree upon.  But why not just leave it in date order - as it is - and remove the past due items from the top of the list?



Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for sharing this idea,  @ronda_shutt ‌. You might also be interested in

Community Member

If Instructure people are reading this, could you count me as a YES PLEASE? Thank you! (I can't see how to upvote things now. Can we still upvote? )

New Member

Yes!! Why hasn't this been done yet??  This has been such a struggle for so many kids!!