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Students can currently see their total grades as percentages in the Canvas Student App. However, if a professor has enabled the option to view total grades as points - and would like their students to see this as well - it does not display as points in the Student App. It continues to display total grades as percentages to the student.


In order for students to better track/predict their grades, it would make sense to have this information reflected in the mobile app.

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We really need this. I use points not percents when calculating grades. It is very frustrating when the students see the percent and get a false impression of their grade

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Our courses use total points and not percentages to calculate grades. 

When students view the gradebook on their mobile devices, the total points column is not visible.

Adding this column to the mobile app will help these students quickly look up their total points for the course & thus grade without having to log into a computer.

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Since I gamify the class, I also use a total points system to calculate grades. I have various assignments with varying point totals, different options for showing proficiency, and several optional side quests for exploration of relevant topics. Thus, percentages give students a totally inaccurate understanding of their grade and cause them undue anxiety.  I agree with the others here. It is beyond frustrating that students do not know what their grade is. This is especially true with the Canvas app where students cannot see their total points. It would be nice to be able to turn off the percentage on the app. Even if there was even an option to see both the percentage and the total points, I would take that!

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@rthomas108 I fully support this! I would also like to request that we set maximum points able to earn in assignment groups through the point system! 

I want to be able to assign let's say 400 points in "Homework" Assignment group, but only allow the students to earn up to 300 points and for Canvas to stop including any points above the 300 point limit (just as an example). 

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The display of "Points" is needed to accommodate the courses that grade according to total accrual of points instead of percentages. Thank you.

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Yes, please add this feature! I tell students in my course (in a number of places) that their grade is based on points - and to not rely on the % they see displayed. But students continue to be confused about this. 

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We needed this at the end of this current term.  Please fix so students looking at anything "grades" (dashboard, mobile app, etc) they see exactly what instructors see and vise versa.

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Hi, we noticed students using the mobile app or checking their grades through the "View Grades" button on the Canvas propper dashboard do not see their earned scores as points when the instructor changes the "Total" setting in the gradebook to show as points and not percentages.  We feel this needs to be fixed.  It's very important for students to see the same scores as their instructors.

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I just had an instructor confirm with me that the Student App only shows a percentage grade when the instructor shows current grade as points. Since I see this idea, I fully support consideration of having the App grade match the setting the instructor has in place.

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we really need this. Personally I need to see in Canvas as was before!! I need the grades instead %. With the percentage I have to go back and forth to check the syllabus while having grade and point mean a lot. If you have the grade and the points you can check with the if what scenario what do you need to have an A. With the percentage you really don't understand where you are at. pls pls pls we need this feature asap. I don't know why every college is different. My friend is in another college with canvas and she has percentage with grande all together !!!! pls implement this section.

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Yes please. I do not use percentages and that students can only see their grades as a percentage leads to a very misleading idea of their grade. 

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