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The idea is simple: have the ability to create viewports (sections of a document) that are associated with a rubric section so that you can grade that section of the rubric for all students, then go back and grade the next section for all students.

For example: A simple check for understanding with 2 questions uploaded as a pdf (via google or what not).

I could then go into speed grader, highlight question 1 and associate it with Q1 in my rubric. Do the same for Q2.

Then I could see the viewport of all answers to Q1 in a grid and highlight similar answers and mark the rubric for that selection. So I could highlight answers that are clearly correct and mark as full credit for Q1. Select all answers that are clearly incorrect and mark accordingly. Then clean up what is left as needed. Rinse and repeat.

This would significantly speed up grading as it reduces the number of clicks, allows for commenting on similar answers, and reduces mental switching grading assignments in their entirety one student at a time.

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