adding a new user to and existing course


When I add a new user to an existing course, I do not see them in the list.  I am the LMS Admin and should see this immediately.  I to go back and try to re-add them a second time, receive an error that says they are already added and then re-click the blue ADD USER button, and then I see them. Why do I have to do this twice?  


I was then told it could take up to 24 hours before I see them and the user gets their email invite.  Why is this?  I have worked in many LMS's and the changes are usually seen immediately for the Admin. I can understand a lag for the person being added, but not 24 hours, usually within a few minutes or at the next screen refresh, not 24 hours later.  Why is this like this?

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Thanks for sharing this feedback. When an admin or teacher adds a user whose credentials already exists in the account directly to a course, the user's name should display in the People list right away with the 'pending' notation to the right of the name. I just tested this, and it worked as described; I didn't encounter any errors.

Would you please revisit this issue with the person who stated that it takes up to 24 hours for the manual addition of a user to a course? If this was the response from Canvas Support, would you provide the case number for your ticket? And last, we're working on the assumption that these are manual additions of existing users directly to a course through the People tab ( How do I add users to a course?), not an SIS import of a user file ( How do I add users to an account?  ).

Thanks again.


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24 hours is right in your online resources. What I did find is that once the new user is added, and I get the notification alert, I also have to click the add new user again to have it display.  I was not doing that because the alert notification said it was added, so why do it twice? I also found that if I do a refresh to the screen, it then displays. It does not do that automatically on any of the screens where changes are made in Canvas.  Another example of this is if I update a course's information, like a name, sis id, when you return to the courses list, it too does not refresh the screen, still showing the old information, not the update information. This was part of the problem.

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