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Hi there,

As we no longer use numerical marks, and use letter grades instead.

Since the latter are already featured in Canvas and can be used on the Marks book, can an algorithm be developed that can collate such letter grades to give an overall; at the moment, this is only possible with numerical marks.

Surely this is simply as matter of (an algorithm) converting the letter grades (including +/- e.g. B+, C-) to a numerical mark, collating and averaging the numerical marks, then converting back to a letter grading?



Community Team
Community Team
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I may not be understanding your question, but there are ways to establish a grading scheme at an assignment level and at the course level.  You can also select the 'grading type' within each assignment, which allows you to enter grades by letter if you want.  

It is true that there still needs to be numerical points within the scheme to help calculate averages, but they do not need to display to students.  

How to select the grading type is in this guide

How do I add a grading scheme to an assignment? - Canvas Community covers setting a scheme at the assignment level.

How do I use grading schemes in a course? - Canvas Community covers setting a scheme at the course level.


Does this help cover what you're seeking?

Community Team
Community Team
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The grading type option should be available for final grades for a course.

Instructors need the ability to choose how grades are communicated to students. Give us the freedom to offer either letter grades, numerical grades, or both. It makes sense that Canvas's underlying algorithms require each grade to have a numerical value, but there's no reason that that value needs to be shared with students.

Instructure, please! This fix should not be that difficult and would win so much good will among faculties and teachers everywhere.

Hiding stuff on a webpage is not rocket science, people.