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I am exclusively using ePortfolio as a summative assessment. The Canvas ePortfolio is convenient because it is integrated and could ultimately help a school transition to 100% portfolio-based assessment.

However, there are some simple features that interfere with Canvas being the provider of this.

#1 It is very slow. It takes a lot of time for pages to load or for learners to make changes.

#2 There is a similar problem here as in the LMS - In the LMS you cannot nest modules (have one over arching module - Static Fluids, and then sub modules: Pressure and Density, Buoyancy) . In the ePortfolio you cannot nest Sections: 1st quarter - Module 1, Module 2, Module 3... 2nd Quarter Module 4, Module 5, Module 6...

#3 Each page is only able to support one entry easily, It would be good if a student could include 3 assignments on one page since there might be an entry about Density and the student wants to include 3 artifacts about Density instead of making 3 pages.

#4 In a school where all of the teachers are using Canvas for submissions there are too many assignments to scroll through and the search function is sometimes very slow. It would be really helpful if kids could submit to the ePortfolio from the assignment.

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Agreed! As more schools are requiring portfolios as a graduation requirement this would be fantastic. In the interim, we continue to use Google Sites. 

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Thanks for sharing this feedback about ePortfolios, @daniel_carroll . The Idea Conversations forum accommodates singular requests for an enhancement to a feature, and we aren't able to move an idea that contains multiple requests forward for discussion. Please read through How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community? for guidance on writing focused prompts.

Please ask your support team to investigate the issue with slow page loads you've referenced. 

We would also encourage you to check out Portfolium.