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multiple due dates for a single assignment and same student

multiple due dates for a single assignment and same student


While creating a journal assignment, for example, I would like to assign the journal to a student/section and make it due weekly.  So I add a due date for the first week and select "everyone" from the "for" drop down.  I go to add another due date, but "everyone" is now missing from the "for" drop down because it has already been used.

Option #1 (preferred): I would like to see all the same students/sections listed in the "for" drop down every time I add a due date.

Option #2: Offer an option to make the initial date recurring (weekly/monthly/etc.) for the initially selected "everyone."

I see the request for multiple due dates for discussions, but didn't want single assignments due multiple times to miss out on this.



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This is an essential add-on.

As a music teacher, my students are required to maintain daily practice logs, and then I want to see them every 5-10 days.  Because we deal with teenagers, they constantly forget to turn things in that don't appear on their to-do list, or show up as a grade in the gradebook. 

As a standards-based grading instructor, it makes substantially more sense for me to create ONE assignment, with multiple due dates for all kids, so that they end up with ONE grade at the end of the quarter, not 9 that then have to be calculated together.   

It also makes it so that their feedback comments from the first submission are easily accessible for future submissions so I can remember exactly what I said to them, and what they may have said back.


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Please add multiple due dates to the same group in an assignment. A large assignment commonly contains multiple milestones. Having to generate several separate assignments to each milestone creates a convoluted way of keeping the student work together forcing the student to upload the same work multiple times in different places. It also creates a grading nightmare. 

Again, please add this feature. Adding multiple due dates and creating a reoccurring option would be best, because it would cover all scenarios.

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I like to have my students make revisions or corrections to their work during class, but when they resubmit it marks the assignment as late. If I change the due date to only reflect the revision due date, then it will not longer mark the assignments late that were late for the first draft submission due date. I need to have a first submission due date AND a second submission due date so that revisions are not marked late but I can regrade the same assignment to improve the student's grade after revisions.