option to display analytics grades whisker plot y-axis as % (not points)

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The functionality of the whisker plot within course analytics would be greatly improved if the vertical axis could be displayed as a percentage, instead of total points (toggle between points and percentages for example).  If you have 10 point assignments and 100 point assignments, it is very difficult to see any detail on the smaller assignments in the current format.  Creating a % option would make all assignments equally easy to interpret.



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Having both would be ideal.  The points are useful to compare importance to the overall grade, but the percentage would help visualize a pattern easier.

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I agree, Matt.  It would be nice to have both. I edited the original idea to include both possibilities.


This feature idea is now open for voting.

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Greetings  @irwinc  

Have you taken a look at the new Canvas Release: Analytics Beta (Course Grade), specifically the grade graph?  It displays assignments, discussions, and quizzes in percentages.  Does this match what you were seeking?

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