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"Copy to" should include Assignment Groups

"Copy to" should include Assignment Groups

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I love "copy to", but it only gives "modules" as a destination option. Is there a reason why "assignment groups" aren't included?

The current path isn't terrible: an "imported assignments" group gets made and then I shift it over. I wonder if it would be difficult to add the "assignment group" as an option in addition to "modules"



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Community Team
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When copying an assignment, the assignment group should copy as well, instead of sending it to an 'imported' assignment group.

I have multiple (six) courses and when I copy assignments from one course to another, it automatically gets entered in an "Imported Assignments" group, which then doesn't sync to my district gradebook. I then have to go in to the Assignments page on each course and to ensure all my assignments are in the correct group.  

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Teachers should be able to copy an assignment that's under a particular assignment group (so weighted) to another class and maintain that weighting. Add another option so that we can copy it to a module as well as to an assignment group within another class.

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I would love to see a built-in option to choose which assignment group that copied content goes into in the next course.

As it happens, all our courses have the same 3 Assignment groups for weighted grades, Major, Minor, and Class Participation. 

When a teacher copies over a module or assignment from another course, it either puts it in Imported Assignments or creates a whole new copy of whatever group it was in previously, so then the teacher will have two Minor groups, for example. Then grade weighting gets all screwed up from the new group being added.