read report or receipt in Inbox


I would very much like to have a read report/receipt in the inbox. 
I would like to see when my students actually read my messages to them, so I have an idea as to whether they are actually reading urgent messages in a timely manner.

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There are cases in which responses are not received. It would be nice for everyone if there was a symbol indicating whether or not your message has been read. This removes excuses for not responding and allows users to follow-up if their message is not read. 

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Responses are not always received when messages are sent. If there were a symbol showing whether or not a message is read, users know what course of action to take. Excuses are removed as messages can not be ignored, and we know to follow-up if the message is not read. This would be beneficial to everyone. 

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I would like to see a "message read" or "message seen" so I know my students/users have seen the messages I send.  

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In our previous LMS, within the Email/message/inbox area a user may select "sent mail", click on it and the Delivery Stats appear showing each users who was sent the email, when the message was read but that user, and if the email had been deleted.  This is a feature we need ASAP.  Thanks so much! Delivery Stats.jpgSee pic.  

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I need to know if students have read a message or not. Are they ignoring me or did they really just not see it?

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Just like how some social media platforms offer a feature to check if the receiver had received and read the sent message, I think CANVAS should also allow this feature as this would be beneficial to:

  • Teachers. They can see if their student has read their message. (I also saw a posted idea related to this titled "read report or receipt in Inbox")
  • Students. Especially in group messages, a feature that enables one to see which group members have already read a particular message would be helpful to know who are the ones participating. 

I am a student and I hope that CANVAS allows this feature because, as I have already mentioned, it can be used to identify which of my group members actually participates in group discussions regarding a certain activity or topic. Thank you!

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This would be especially useful!! Please do consider addign this feature.

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I agree!  This would be a very useful feature to see if students and observers are seeing the messages I send them.  Many of my colleagues have requested the same feature to be added to Canvas.

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Def yes! Especially for families receiving documents from us that we need to ensure they received!

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I would love a 'read receipt' notation on my end when a student has read my message to them. Perhaps it could show 'unread' until they read it and then change to 'read receipt'

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It would be helpful to be able to tell when/if a student has read a message in Canvas. This would help when providing feedback. On the community page I see this was suggested in 2017 but is still not available.

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A great tool on canvas for us Instructional staff who use it to communicate with our students would be to have the ability to see if they read our canvas messages. It's imperative for us to know who is reading our messages and who is not. This also eliminates chasing time on our end to find students to have them open their canvas, etc. etc. Likewise with teachers/staff. It's a form of accountability if the other person chooses to ignore the message but it's assurance it has been READ!

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This is very much needed to know that students are reading communications

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This is needed so that we can see if learners are reading their correspondence. It will also help when learners aren't coming to class to see if they are at least reading their messages.

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