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Before joining the Community Team, I would navigate to the Community page, search my question, and would find my answer in a guide, not thinking much about how the guide got there. Now, as a Documentation Specialist, I’ve discovered that the process of creating guides is more deliberate than I first assumed. As the Canvas Documentation Team renovates the Impact guides, the project reminds me of a home remodel. Much like a home renovator builds new spaces from the studs out, we are keeping the great things in the Impact guides while fixing gaps and giving them an update.

How is the Impact remodel being done?
For a good renovation, we need to identify what's there and what needs to be added. In the existing Impact guides, we need to maintain the use of Impact terminology while adapting them to our established Instructure documentation style and voice. We'll then work to fix any holes with new Impact guides. Then, to make sure everything down to the last tile is lined up, we'll review our work and make any necessary adjustments. After all that work, from demo to completed reno, we'll start rolling out the changes to the Community.

When will I see the change?
As much as I would like to say this is a quick and easy remodel, that is far from the truth. Many hands are needed to form this space and its many amenities. To do it effectively will take time. That's why we've planned to work on this Impact guides renovation throughout the rest of this year.

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Thanks for explaining! So appreciative that you are taking such a thorough approach. Lots of love from Strategic Services team!!