When you're logged into your account, there is an orange "?" button which opens up support articles. You can move it up and down on the page, but there is no "X" to hide it from the page altogether. As a result, it is REALLY ANNOYING because it keeps GETTING IN THE WAY, which creates a bad customer experience.

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Community Team
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I continually find it difficult to click on the "next" button at the bottom right of my screen because the question mark button for Canvas Help is exactly in the way. It is frustrating.

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Douglas P (6/29/2022, 11:27:30 AM): Hi Wil! How can I help you today?
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:27:35 AM): Hey Douglas
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:27:40 AM): Can you put in a product request
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:27:44 AM): to move the canvas help button
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:27:46 AM): look at this image
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:27:47 AM): https://www.evernote.com/l/ATiiWnNFnmNDMIANv0dHFrfwR3a6EOmHXhsB/image.png
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:27:55 AM): for discussion, it is a hassle to click the submit button
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:28:08 AM): and if I click the ? icon by accident, it will erase my discussion reply
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:28:21 AM): which is a terrible user experience.
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:28:57 AM): Please file this as a product support request to be changed so other students do not encounter the same error/issue as I have
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:30:53 AM): Douglas?
Douglas P (6/29/2022, 11:31:09 AM): checking
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:32:01 AM): Thank You!
Douglas P (6/29/2022, 11:32:27 AM): This is a function for all users to submit a feature request online.
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:32:50 AM): Can you please file it for me?
Douglas P (6/29/2022, 11:33:14 AM): We are not permitted to do that for you.
Douglas P (6/29/2022, 11:33:17 AM): https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Community/How-do-I-create-a-new-idea-conversation-in-the-Instruct...
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:33:22 AM): That is a barrier
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:33:28 AM): and is a bad bad bad policy
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:33:37 AM): Not your fault Douglas
Wil (6/29/2022, 11:33:55 AM): But that sends a message to me that canvas is not interested in making it easy for students to file product feedback requests

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Or at the very least a "minimize" button. As others stated, it gets in the way of elements within Canvas like clicking "Next" on a quiz, page, etc. Please look into this Impact Instructure. It would be an added benefit. 

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Impact is a new product for us this semester. I have had multiple questions from our faculty asking if they can move the "?" icon. I tell them it can be moved up and down, but that doesn't always solve the issue. It would be MUCH better if the icon could be moved anywhere on the screen. It's not good PR for Impact if faculty are frustrated with it right off the bat for something that didn't have to be a problem.