Toggled Language in Support Center

This idea has been developed and deployed to Impact


Original author: Johan Lindstrom from Halmstad University

As the language/localization system in Blackboard Learn has a lot of room for improvements our university decided to lock the start/portal pages (system language) to English, but making the teacher initially decide if their course should be in English or Swedish (course language). So our users/students cant change the language pack.

The support center reacts to the system language set by users (or by system admin) and collects the help items from in the same language.

My Request is for individual users to be able to set support center language themselves, so they can decide if they want the help in English or Swedish (or any other supported language).

It could be icons/flags showing up in the main support center dashboard, or a drop-down menu, or something similar. The amount of options is set by the system admin. And when the user changes the language, all articles are collected in that language from and all, by the university, custom-created articles show up with the translated text if available.


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For more information, please read through the Impact Release Notes (2022-02-24).