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Multiple Video Platforms For Online Learning

Multiple Video Platforms For Online Learning

Applicable Learning Management System(s): Blackboard Ultra, Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, D2L

Campaign Description: If your university does not have a policy for what video platform to use for online classes (ex. Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, WebEx, Microsoft Team, etc.) students may get confused about which platform to use for their class. Faculty also may not realize other instructors are using various platforms. This message helps remind faculty to keep students informed about which video platforms are being used for this specific course. 

Success Criteria: Faculty will become aware of various video platforms and how to keep students informed on where to attend online classes.

Submitted by (and on behalf of, if applicable): Katie van den Berk


Virtual Classroom Video Platforms

A reminder to faculty about informing students where online classes are held.

Location: Course Home

Audience: Instructors

Content Type: systray message



Copy Message Content: 

Did you know your students attend virtual classes across an average of three different video platforms in one semester?

Because all video platforms are allowed for virtual instruction, please remember students will be juggling between multiple platforms and may become confused as to which to use when. It is critical to remind them where to meet for your specific class, whether that is (ex. Zoom, Microsoft Team, or Collaborate.)

You can inform students through announcements (provide your link to a support center article on announcements) or providing links in the course calendar (provide your link to a support center article on course calendars). Centralizing virtual classroom expectations eliminates technical difficulties for students and creates consistency in attendance. 

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