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Too many Modules | Options for resorting/structuring content

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Hello Everyone,

I'm currently using Canvas as the platform for a resource development project for some of the staff at our university. In essence, what we've done is taking an traditional training manual and moved all this information into Canvas so that the information can be continually updated as need be.

Given that this isn't the traditional functionality of Canvas, we're running into a few challenges and one of these is that there is A LOT of content within our course. For example, we currently have 21 modules (and this number will continue to grow) and within these modules, there are anywhere from 15-50 sub-tabs. In other words, a lot of content, which is great as a repository for our users, but becoming a bit overwhelming for users. I'm looking for suggestions or reaching out to Instructure to consider re-structuring or re-ordering the modules page to aid with navigation.

Lastly, let me tell you a few things we've considered and why they haven't worked:

  • Splitting the modules into individual courses. Seems like an easy solution however, there are currently +275 users in my course which would mean I would need to add each person to 21 different courses which they would need to accept individually, not very user friendly AND we want the one course to act as one Hub for information rather than 21 different courses.
  • Reducing our content. Not an option. What we have in our course is only a small portion of what our staff need to do their jobs.
  • Look at Bridge (also built by Instructure). We looked at Bridge and weren't pleased with the content at this time.

To help you better understand, here is a screenshot of only some of our content...


I appreciate everyone's comments/feedback and am open to suggestions!

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Community Coach

Have you considered an eBook LTI option such as Its More Than a Textbook @Edu App Center , or a cloud-based repository LTI like Box @Edu App Center ?

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Hi Kelley- very interesting. Thank you for sharing this idea. Are you currently using either of these platforms? Do you know if they're compatible with Canvas? From what I can see I think the Edu App Centre is? I'd be interested in learning more about your experience if you're utilizing either of these tools.

Appreciate it.