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Grades on First Attempt

The system reports grades based on the average, highest or last attempt. I need the grades from the first attempt. Why this obvious choice is not on the list is a mystery to me. Students want to do the assignments again just before test time, so I allow multiple attempts. Some students simply do the assignment multiple times after they see the answers to get the average as close to 100 a possible.

The score for the first attempt is there and you can see it for each assignment. But I have 200 students and 10 assignments. Getting the data one assignment at a time will take days.

Please, someone at Canvas, add this obvious feature. In the mean time, can someone tell me if I can create a report somehow?

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I agree. Instructors should have the option of allowing students to take Quizzes multiple times, but have the score of the first attempt be counted in the Gradebook. Giving instructors this flexibility should be fairly easy for the Canvas programmers to do.

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