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How do I analyze a quiz in which every question is pulled from a separate question bank?

I am a math teacher with general knowledge of Canvas. 

I have a 19-question quiz, where each question pulls from a separate 200 question test bank.  It's great, it allows all students to have different quizes over similar material/skills and grades itself.

The problem comes when I want to run an analysis of the results.  AN EXAMPLE: I want to know how my entire class did on question 1.  Even though they all have different questions for Q1, each question is pulled from the same bank. 

When I run an analysis, the question bank gets separated so I have results of 120 different copies of Q1, 120 different copies of Q2, etc with no way to easily compare whether or not most kids missed or got a given question right.

I want an analysis which treats a bank with tons of questions in it as ONE question.

Does this make sense?  Is it possible?  Am I missing something?

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I pull from different banks all the time for one quiz, and I also randomize the items so that each student gets all the same items, but they appear in a different order (so everyone's Question #1 may be different). My item analysis displays the questions in a random order (frustratingly not in the order I even put them on the quiz to begin with), but each item is analyzed pooling the data from every student. 

I think I found something that may address why you would be having a problem.  The item analysis that Canvas provides caps the max # of questions at 100. See:


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