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I've looked at others on the hub that have similar problems, but I can't get any suggestions to work. The front page is set, I just need to edit the title. Each time the title is edited and saved, it displays the edit immediately; however, when I click on the 'HOME' button, the original title displays in teacher and student. View. Any new suggestions as to what I need to do?


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Hi Natasha_C, 

When clicking the Home button, you aren't really viewing the page you set as home by itself like you would any other page you might link in a Module. Home is special page that shows lots of information, like the "To-do" list, recent announcements and such.  When you click home, the name of the page is replaced with the name of the course.  If you go to settings and view the Name: field, I think that will be the title that is showing for the page at Home. 

I suggest you enter a title at the top of the page using the Heading 2 style.

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