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Zoom to one student while teaching rest of class

Hi All,

I teach 30 students in a classroom. One student has covid and wants to Zoom in.  How do I schedule a zoom meeting on Canvas for only that student? I do not want the others get the invite to avoid them asking why they can't stay home and watch too.

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Jeff, I am not an expert on this as I just have a personal meeting ID that I re-use over and over for my office hours (same ID). From what others have told me, though, I would schedule it from within Zoom and invite just that student rather than scheduling it from within Canvas.

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Community Coach

Hi @JeffBarto ...

I totally agree with @James on this one!  If your school has Zoom integrated into your Canvas environment, it's possible that it's also been configured to send out notifications to your students when Zoom meetings are created, edited, or deleted ... via the Zoom interface within Canvas.  However, as James has suggested, if you log in to your Zoom account via the Zoom website ( to schedule your Zoom meeting, then it will not send out a notification via Canvas to all of your students.  Hope this helps!