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Published on ‎08-05-2022 11:20 AM by Community Coach

Canvas Studio is a multimedia tool designed to help professors engage with students over video. It also facilitated inter-student communication and collaboration. Studio has many interactive elements, such as the ability for people to comment on each others' videos on a timeline and an easy way to caption video content. Studio can enhance how professors use video in the classroom to increase student engagement. Canvas Studio helps students focus on media content by making it interactive and providing professors analytics holding students accountable for viewing or listening to the media.

Studio analytics help professors discover their class viewing behavior by knowing which students are watching their videos, and if any parts of the video are being skipped. Professors can create videos and reuse them in multiple courses or across multiple terms. Professors have even assess students by using Studio for video quizzes. Studio works across platforms and can be seen on any screen, which facilitates multimedia in online and mobile learning.

Join us and learn the ins and outs, the ups and downs of Canvas Studio.

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Dr Sean Nufer is the senior director of teaching and learning at TCS Education System

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