Introducing the new Canvas Icon Maker!

Published on ‎09-14-2022 08:48 AM by Community Coach

The long awaited Canvas Icon Maker allows teachers and course designers to create simple and reusable iconology right on your Canvas page. You don't need a third party tool or a graphics art degree to make your own icon sets. This brief webinar will demonstrate how to create, modify, and reuse your own custom icons using the Rich Content Editor (RCE).

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Dr Sean Nufer is the senior director of teaching and learning at TCS Education System.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

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Wed, Sep 21, 2022 11:00 AM MDT
Wed, Sep 21, 2022 11:30 AM MDT
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Community Member

I'm not seeing the RCE Icon Maker on the edit page.  Do you know why? 

Community Coach

It likely needs to be enabled either in the course or at the account level.  I would inquire with your Canvas admin.

Community Member

Thanks for your help. We are self-hosting our Canvas site so I am the admin. We did end up fixing this problem by changing the learning_materials_release_flags.yml to this...

  state: allowed
  applies_to: Account
  display_name: RCE Icon Maker
  description: |-
    Manage a library of custom icons from the RCE.

We are self-hosting our Canvas site and I am one of the admins for this site.  Do you know who to contact that would know more details about how to configure the RCE Icon Maker.  I'm using release/2023-01-04.1 and the icon maker is not showing up when I edit a page.

Thanks in advance for your help.