The InstructureCast Podcasters Want to Hear from You!


Thank you for joining us on the dynamic, fun, insightful, weekly educational journey we call the InstructureCast podcast.

Previously known as Canvascasters, we've spruced things up a bit, a new name, a new home here in Community, three new hosts (learn more about them here), weekly episodes every Tuesday, bonus episodes, and more. Discussions and topics range from large, educational and edtech-encompassing topics like accessibility, generative AI, assessments, credentialing, and more, to drilled-down, hands-on, practical tips, tricks, and best practices for your own Instructure Learning Platform instance. 

We are excited to have you join us on our adventures and invite you to share your ideas with us! 

So, let's kick things off with a question:

What topics should InstructureCast cover in the coming months? What are you hoping to learn more about? Share your ideas and we'll incorporate them into our episode lineup! 

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