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A first-timers last day…

and I want more! I was pretty excited for this event and I’m loving it. As I overheard some people talking, this is such a different kind of conference; obviously some great professional development, but also fun stuff and meeting great people from all over the place. Props to the Community Managers… you are awesome!!! This space created specifically for #InstCon has been so cool and so much fun!

Now, SCL related thoughts…we have to allow them (students) to talk, express themselves, we have to have confidence in them, relate with them and allow them to grow by learning their way. Let them find out things for themselves and guide them along the way. Students have to be empowered… plain and simple.

Without a doubt, I believe all of us Canvas members (instructional designers, administrators, faculty and more) want to provide our students all the tools necessary for a better and successful learning experience. And it’s great to know we can count with such an amazing, talented and nice community here! Let’s all aspire to be #learningheros and impact the lives of our students!

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Community Team
Community Team

Ah Shucks  @jmunoz1 ​.  We appreciate you!

So glad you are having a wonderful time in the new Community and especially at InstructureCon!

Community Champion

You're making us blush. Smiley Wink