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Flipping Woodshop

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Skills based technical training programs and online learning are not mutually exclusive ideas. Learn how “flipping” a Woodshop course increases hands on time, safety, and student-teacher interaction. Just because you can use a table saw doesn’t mean you can’t use a computer.

Presenter: Jeremy Perkins - Instructure

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Great use of the Canvas tools especially Magic Marker, learning mastery gradebook, and modules for a skills based course. Thank you for showing an example of flipping the classroom, as well.

Community Member

Good presentation on how to present/teach any subject. Thank you!

"Flipping" a classroom makes perfect sense. Students can watch videos or demos or lectures at home or on their own time.

Instead of using Magic Marker, which has no-comment ability, use Speedgrader and its comments. Give feedback with the score.

Also, Magic Marker does not time/date stamp the assessment. Does Speedgrader in the IOS app?

Without comments Magic Marker is a go- or no-go- assessment. It can only tell why one assessed the way one did through the outcome language. Thus, to maximize Magic Marker, one must craft the best and optimal teaching language for the outcome. As this presentation points out, a video demonstration of the competency and attached to the outcome is important, too.

Do I understand this video correctly?