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Explorer III

Hammer of the Gods: Content Distribution for Non-Coders

To join the conversation or see additional resources visit: Hammer of the Gods: Content Distribution for Non-Coders

Are you afraid of pushing course content in bulk to a group of courses? You should be! In this session, we’ll share some techniques and simple editable scripts that allow non-coders to distribute content from a model course to a group of other courses, including some common dangers and pitfalls.

Presenter: Chris Weisbart - Pasadena City College

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Community Member

I thought this was a wonderful session while I was at instcon​.  I just tried it out and it worked beautifully!   This is going to be such a time saver for me that I think even more highly of the session now.   Thank you so much for this. Smiley Happy

Learner II

Great information!!  I know what I'll be doing to my test environment tomorrow morning!!



A word of advice, make sure you generate the token in your test environment as well.   I, absent mindedly, first generated the token in our live instance then got frustrated when it wasn't working properly!  Here's to hoping this helps others avoid my absent mindedness.

Community Team
Community Team

I lol'd at Yelp's "terrible map interface."

I got a lot of great ideas from this entertaining and imaginative presentation. Thanks!


If someone has an easy way to get the list of course codes from the URL so that this process can run, that is what I need to make this time efficient.  It is cool, but I don't see it saving me much time over just going into each course and doing a copy since I would have to navigate to each course anyway to get the course code.


If you have admin access the easy way is to run a courses provisioning report for the course term. In that .csv, the first column under "canvas_course_id" should be your course codes. If you have admin access the reports are sort of hiding. It is in account Settings>Reports tab>Scroll down to Provisioning>Configure>Select Term> Select Courses>Run Report depending on how many courses might run quick or take awhile.