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Harnessing the Power of External Apps: A Piazza Success Story

Many LTI tools work wonderfully with Canvas, but in this session we focus exclusively on Piazza, a question-and-answer platform that adopts the model of crowdsourcing to enhance student learning. Piazza is often aimed at courses in technical fields such as computer science and engineering. Here, however, we'll also discuss how Piazza integration with Canvas can be successfully employed for courses in the humanities. The session includes empirical data collected from several humanities courses using Piazza.

Presenter: Timothy Linehan​ - McHenry County College

  Location Map & Room: ESCALA B

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Here's a quick 2 min preview of Piazza that may help you decide whether this session is for you. (I think you'll love it!)

We'll have Piazza active during the presentation, too, so you can have fun giving it a test run on your device.

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The session video is now available at:

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