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I’m So Tired: Managing Fatigue with Canvas

As an administrator, how do you know which teachers are experiencing fatigue? As a teacher, how do you know which students are fatiguing? How do you know when to intervene? Canvas can help you observe changes in behavior and help you decide where intervention may be needed most.


  1. Overview of teacher fatigue
  2. Review current analytics available within Canvas
  3. Investigate utility of default analytics
  4. Present gaps in current analytics and Canvas structural issues
  5. Share LTI Tool for reporting on teacher aggregate data
  6. Identify where you can get the tool and its installation (open source - MIT License)
  7. Q&A

Presentation: InstCon15 Teacher Fatigue - Google Slides

GitHub Repo: coshx/spotlight-reports · GitHub 

Presenter: Jeff Faust​ - Charlottesville City Schools

  Location Map & Room: BISON 1-2

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Thanks to all that attended the session.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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The session video is now available at: