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#Instcon 2015: the Connectivist Conference - my curated tweets

This post originally appeared on my personal blog: #Instcon 2015: the Connectivist Conference | DesignED Learning

I attempted an experiment this past week at InstructureCon (#instcon) 2015.  Instead of taking "solo notes" during sessions, I decided to tweet out my notes with the goal of curating them later.

This started as an experiment during the #instcon #uncon, but I was instantly hooked!

Adam Nemeroff on Twitter: "Sometimes I should reach for one sticky note! #instcon #uncon


In a moment's time, I realized that I could both get and give more by extending beyond my own solo notes.  I could give people my thoughts (not that they matter), allow someone to virtually attend a session they didn't attend, and see my thoughts in real time as a momentary stream of consciousness blog and account.

#Instcon without my realizing it, became my first experience jumping feet first into a "connectivist conference." I started to experience the conference in very different ways.  I made friends face-to-face and online at the same time, then blended those experiences and pieces together.

This all culminated in a ton of tweets, new friends, and lots of fun!  Sorry for the twitter spam everyone!

I've attempted to pull together my 600+ tweets into three storify collections by day of the conference.  I broke up each session with dividers and descriptive text.

Tuesday Tweets -

Wednesday Tweets -

Thursday Tweets -

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