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Module Madness

To join the conversation or see additional resources visit: Module Madness

We all know that Canvas has an awesome Modules feature, but few instructors take advantage of all its capabilities (e.g., setting sequential order, using text headers, sharing Modules with fellow teachers, etc.). From guiding access to improving visual appeal, this session is for anyone who wants to know everything about Modules.

Presenter: Tracey DeLillo - Alamo Colleges

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Community Team
Community Team

I plan to share this video with teachers who are new to modules. It is a great overview of the features, and the explanation is a helpful extension to the community guides.

Community Champion

I never would have thought to use unicode and ASCII. Thanks for the tip!

Community Member

Good tips! I hadn't considered the empty header idea to further differentiate within the module. Thanks!

Community Champion

All good stuff with module features and utilizing content within the modules.

One of my favorite videos to share!