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New Tools and Options for Canvas Ticket Management

Instcon15 HOME.pngOur Support team is moving from Zendesk to Salesforce Service Cloud in a few weeks. We're also introducing an option for you to use your own ticketing system rather than ours. Join us for a guided tour!

Presenter: Seth Johnson​ - Instructure

  Location Map & Room: KOKOPELLI 3

instcon15 Map - Grand Summit.png

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Deactivated user​ on this page InstructureCon 2015 under the schedule for Thursday it says this breakout session is at 3:15. just wondering which time is correct. Thank you!

Community Member

Hi  @greg_miles ​. The 3:15 time is correct. Great catch. 🙂 Thank you!

Learner II

Hey Seth,

In the conference program the service cloud presentation is listed at 4:15 on Thurs.

On this community page it's listed as a 3:15 start time.

Can you confirm the correct time?


Kevin Nolan

Colorado State

Community Member

Heh. I was planning on 3:15, but I was just told it's 4:15. I'm going early

just in case, but the person who told me 4:15 was a Person Who Would Know.

Smiley Happy


Is the 4:15 session cancelled?

Martin Carruth

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Community Member

Nope. It's on for 4:15 in Kokopelli 3. Smiley Happy