Sakai Content to Canvas? Crafting an ‘Easy’ Button

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Instructure Pro Services working with our Unizin Schools group to create Sakai to Canvas Migration custom application. This project created an opportunity for schools running Sakai LMS to make the transition to Canvas platform easier. This presentation will walk you through Sakai and Canvas main integration points and explain what it will require School IT and administrators to prepare when considering signing up for Sakai Content Migration Implementation offer with Instructure professional Services.


Lynn Ward​ - Indiana University

Randall Embry​ - Indiana University

Jennifer Swaney​ - University of Michigan

Brandon Broschinsky​ - Instructure

Jordan Farnworth​ - Instructure

Mysti Sadler​ - Instructure

Oxana Barth​ - Instructure

  Location Map & Room: SILVERADO 1

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