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Explorer III

Verifying Student Learning with Outcomes​

To join the conversation or see additional resources visit: Verifying Student Learning with Outcomes

How can we connect the dots between what we hope will be the focus of a course and what is actually assessed in that course? How can we prove to our stakeholders that students are learning what we claim they are? Come find out.

Presenter: Robert Anderson - Florida SouthWestern State College

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2 Replies

Loved this presentation. Great high level look at how Outcomes should be run in Canvas. One question though for the communityteam​, around the 17:30 mark, Robert mentions that Outcomes is running on some legacy code. I know this presentation is over a year old, but as a new Canvas user (10 days in) I want to see the stance on his statements and if that's still true. Thanks!

Surveyor II

This was one of the most helpful presentations ever! As we work on our accreditation process, aligning outcomes with activities and gauging student success is essential.  I had a vague sense of how to do this, but this presentation really cleared it up.