When Sessions Fill Up

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

InstructureCon is popular. There's over two billion* educators and technologists here. There are also certain subjects and sessions that are more popular than others and that means a large portion of those two billion are going to want to attend. None of the rooms seat quite that many so what do you do?

Go to a different session, of course.

But don't just go to a different session; own it. Go to a session on a subject you don't know anything about. If you're higher-ed go to a K-12 session, or if you're K-12 go to a higher-ed session. If you're a technologist go to a pedagogy focused session. If you're a luddite go listen to a talk about APIs (they're awesome!) My point is, there is a lot going on here and more to learn in a few days than you could probably do in a few months. If your number one choice is over flowing into the halls, instead of stressing out go and branch out!

And it's even better than just improving yourself and expanding your world view! As I mentioned in @third_times_the charm, Instructure records every session and makes them available online for free for everyone. As technologists and technology using educators most of us are also available on twitter or some other public place. So when you can't make it into your number one choice take note of the session title and the presenter's name, then when the sessions are available online go back and watch it. Reach out to the presenter on twitter (or email I guess?) with your questions and feedback.

InstructureCon only comes once a year but the work, the learning, must continue! Remember what Josh Coates said: "We're all students."