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Canvas, Mastery, and Personalized Learning  by Carissa Duran (@seejodee), Sabrina Creen (@MrsCreen_Tweets), and Tessa Riley

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How can educators leverage Canvas features to advance personalization, mastery education, college and career readiness, and student engagement? Competency-based learning, of course! In this session, participants will see how one school is leveraging Canvas features and LTIs to engage students in developing 21st century skills that matter. 


Our high school opened in 2013 with a full 1-1 implementation. Every year we work to improve the way we leverage technology to provide authentic learning experiences for our scholars. Last year, our district moved to Canvas LMS and our school took full advantage of exploring the many features it offers to make learning more powerful for all. From exploring grade book basics with a mastery approach, piloting and comparing the learning mastery grade book, to integrating digital art portfolios and science learning pathways, our teachers have asked all the questions this year. We don't have all the answers but our journey will provide valuable insights into the triumphs and challenges of Canvas, Portfolium, and TurnItIn within a progressive, personalized, and technology-rich learning environment. 



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