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Come check out how to use GIFs in your Canvas Courses at Instructurecon 2019!

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Using GIFs as Instructional/Training Tools in Canvas. #CanvasGIF #CanvasStudentGIF

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Long Beach Convention Center, 203 
The GIF game is booming right now. Short snippets of video to accomplish tasks goes hand in hand with how education is evolving. Think of it like a micro-learning opportunity. GIFs contain information in a short easy to absorb fashion that is engaging to learners of all ages.


I will be sharing all of the great uses of GIFs in Canvas and how I use them as instructional tools as well as feedback tools.

I am so excited! 

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After the session, I will be giving away a Camtasia license on Twitter as well!

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 Calendar invite attached below!



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InstructureCon 2019

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Andy Samburg with an excited expression. "oooh!"

I find communicating via animated gif a challenge.  The selection of gif, especially when looking to communicate tone and establish shared cultural background knowledge, is sometimes where I struggle. 

Will accessibility strategies also be covered in your talk? 

Yes, I will talk about some of the best practices and resources for using GIFs and accessibility.  As with anything in the course, I try to use UDL guidelines to ensure that all students are getting information regardless of delivery method. 

Great question! I'm especially worried about making a mistake and posting a reference that my students might not understand.


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Hi, loved your presentation over the summer, but just now getting some time to implement!

I've used gifs in my Canvas pages sporadically for a while, but I would love to know how to add one to the comments for a graded assignment. After I complete a rubric, I like to leave some lighthearted motivational comments and gifs seem perfectly suited for this. However, I haven't found a way to do it other than having students download a gif file - which kills the fun. Any ideas?

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