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Community Team
Community Team

It's a long tradition for InstructureCon attendees to collect and trade themed pins. Here, in the Canvas Community, there will be an exclusive set of digital enamel pins available to reward you for participating in Canvas Community activities! These super-cool InstructureCon 2019 badges can be featured on your Community profile and the additional points help you climb the Community's levels.


Please note that all badges and points are awarded manually. Our incredible Community Managers will appreciate your patience! Smiley Happy


Read below to learn how to earn these limited-edition rewards!






Presenter BlogPRESENTER BLOG  •  100 POINTS


Whoa! Thanks for taking the dive; you had a proposal selected for InstructureCon!! Before heading to Long Beach, write a blog which highlights your presentation. You can even share resources, a slide deck, or use your blog to answer questions after your session. Use the template to simplify the process. Everyone, read the Presenter Blogs to prepare your own schedule! 



Session RecapsSESSION RECAPS  •  100 POINTS


There is so much to experience at InstructureCon! As you sail into your session schedule, consider taking notes and publishing them in a blog. You can help others learn about topics and sessions they weren't able to squeeze into their own schedules. Don't worry; there's a sign-up sheet and a template to make everything easy! Go ahead; explore all of the Session Recaps!

*Community Members who post multiple recaps will be awarded bonus points on a per-post basis. 



Super BloggerSUPER BLOGGER  •  250 POINTS


For those who "jam pack" the InstructureCon 2019 Community space with InstructureCon-related content, there is a special reward for you. How do you earn it, exactly? By being awesome (submitting multiple high-quality blogs which kickstart conversations) and by catching the eye of the Community Managers and Community Coaches.



Meet the CommunityMEET THE COMMUNITY  •  50 POINTS


Stop by the Community Lounge and jam out to some California-themed tunes! Learn about the Canvas Community, start up a conversation about engagement, or stick around for some impromptu learning. While you're here, find the QR code printed on a table stand. Then, fill out the form. Check in and share the email you used to create your Canvas Community Profile 



Game NightGAME NIGHT  •  50 POINTS


During the evening of July 9th, find a table stand with a photo of a surf-ready VW van on it, and scan the QR code. Then, fill out the form. Check in and share the email you used to create your Canvas Community Profile. Shell, yeah!



Hack Night PinHACK NIGHT  •  50 POINTS


During the evening of July 10th, find a table-stand with a photo of surfboards on it, and scan the QR code. Then, fill out the form. Check in and share the email you used to create your Canvas Community Profile. Go ahead; share those bright ideas!



Unconference "Fish" Badge


Not quite ready to leave InstructureCon? There's one last event that encourages you to school together and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Before August 16th, swim on back to the InstructureCon 2019 space and write a short summary or reflection about your Unconference experience. Please use the template^ to organize your writing.

*Community Members must check in at the Unconference and write a blog to earn this badge.

^Template to be shared the morning of July 12.


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