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InstructureCon Runners


I'll be running every morning of InstructureCon (Tue - Fri), and anyone is welcome to tag along. I'll be headed east down Ocean Ave as far as seems agreeable, between 6 and 10 miles total (if you want less distance, just turn around when you're feeling halfway done). If you're interested, reply to this message, and we'll meet up in front of the Convention Center. Starting at 6 a.m., pace around 8:30 min/mi. but flexible in either direction.

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InstructureCon 2019

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New Member

Hi Lee, I'll try to meet you. I'm a runner who will definitely be out exploring.


I would love to join -- I am training for my sixth marathon -- however, I am a 12:30 pace...but please comment if you have this pace and we can try and meet up Smiley Happy

Community Contributor

Howabout somee walkers to go along with this? Anyone? We can start with the marathondersbut go at out own pace.

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I'm going to run the ocean bike path in the morning to scope out water stops and whatnot; it's about 9 miles round trip. Going to leave at 6:05 from the Alamitos Beach Volleyball courts. I'll reply back to the thread tomorrow with a route report, though anyone is welcome to come in the morning as well.

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Doing intervals, leaving around 5:40 from the Alamitos Beach Volleyball courts.