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It’s Hip to Be Square- Catching Cheaters With AI and Blockchain Technology


These days, it’s hip to be square. The tech whizzes at Examity are brushing up on the latest gadgetry to catch some of the baddest dudes out there: cheaters. They’re using technology to keep online tests safe, using some pretty nifty new tools -- like AI that can predict whether test-takers have cheated based on how quickly they finish an exam, biometrics that can verify a user’s identity or blockchain that can validate data sources to guard against cheaters who whip up “technical issues” during a tough test. What’s more, you’ll be able to check out test performance, and results, right in Canvas. That’s good news for cool kids and computer geeks alike. Come hang with us at this panel to learn about the grooviest new technology that’s making tests safer for everyone.

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