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Let's Role with Canvas Mobile

 @rseilham  - UCF (Orlando, Florida) 

 @KristinL  - DeLaSalle High School (Minneapolis, Minnesota)


Abstract / Session Overview

Canvas supports many roles, but have you ever wondered how this translates to the Canvas Mobile apps? Come learn about which features matter most, how Canvas roles impact the user experience, and ways to design more engaging mobile-friendly courses to benefit every Canvas user, from K12 to Higher Education.



Wednesday, July 10th at 4:20pm


Each Canvas role is unique, and so is the app that was designed for that role!


During our presentation, we'll review student feedback from both UCF (a large university) and DeLaSalle (a small high school) regarding their use of mobile devices and their favorite aspects of the Canvas Student App. We will also quickly review Canvas roles from the admin perspective and take a "tour" of the apps' features and capabilities. Most importantly, we will share a detailed scenario that highlights the three Canvas mobile apps -- Student, Teacher, and Parent -- with a series of short videos. This way, everyone can see the features of each app and understand the unique capabilities of each role as an assignment is viewed, submitted, and graded.










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