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Riding the Regrade Wave: How Quizzes.Next Solved a Gnarly Grading Issue for a Large-Enrollment Business Course

Regrading numerical quiz questions for a 500-student course at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania was a real challenge in Canvas Quizzes. Learn how we’re piloting Quizzes.Next to take advantage of its regrading capabilities, settings, and new question types, as well as how we’re preparing for wider rollout.

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Hi‌, Thanks for posting the video of my InstructureCon session!

It looks like the video for the following session, "Preparing Future-Ready Learners and Closing The Skills Awareness Gap" by Angela Carbone and was combined in the same video. Can these videos please be separated and the preview for my session updated to include the title slide? I believe my presentation ends right around the 39:35 mark. Thank you!

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Hi,‌, we've let the team responsible for creating and editing the videos know about this, and they're now working on getting the second session removed.

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