What are the odds of this??

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Because  @jayde_colquhoun ‌ and I traveled to the United States from Australia for InstructureCon 2019 we decided to make the most of the long trip and do some touristy fun stuff while we where there. Including things like going to a taping of the Conan show and Disneyland.
Well when I was reviewing my photos i took at Disneyland i noticed that another photo-bombing fan of Canvas had the same idea.

An image of the castle at Disneyland and the statue of Walt holding Mickys hand. In the foreground is a man with an instructure con 2017 shirt on
The odds of this happening is crazy! Sure it wouldnt be uncommon for someone visiting Instructure Con to also visit Disneyland while theyre on California. However, to be there on the same day, at the same time, be in the area i was taking the photo all the while having decided to wear that t shirt on that day blows my mind! Hope you had a good day at Disneyland random InstructureCon attendee!
It was an absolute delight to meet everyone at Instructure Con and were looking foward to putting everything we took away from it into practice for RMIT.