Where Will You Start Your Learnin' Safari?

Community Team
Community Team

The Canvas Community is made up of thousands of passionate Canvas users from around the world. As we begin our Learnin' Safari this summer, let's share our locations! This map will help us visualize just how far our amazing, collaborative network reaches!

Look below for details on how to add YOUR PIN to the map.

  1. Click the  [   ]  symbol. Before clicking, you will see the prompt "View Larger Map".
  2. On the next screen, look for the blue sign-in button. Once you are here, click "Edit".
  3. Next, select the category that matches your attendance (Canvas Long Beach, Canvas Virtual Attendee, etc.)
  4. Use the search bar at the top of the screen to enter your institution or city. Then, click, "add to map" and adjust the information so your name is the heading, and your institution is in the details. Click Save. Alternatively, use the "add marker" tool near the top of the screen to manually drop your location onto the map.
  5. Please don't adjust the style of the pins. Each category has a specific color and style already chosen. Thanks!