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Trying this for a reaction in the K12 community - already posted in the but thinking more chance of hitting iPad users here?

I made a quiz with an access code. When I view the quiz on an iPad using the browser I cannot see the student access code.

Has anyone else come across this or just me?

PS. Fairly important as I have written a 40 question quiz for the launch of Canvas with our students on Wednesday and the thought of redoing it on the old quiz fills me with utter dread never mind the fact that 10+ of the question use the new quiz question features....

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Instructure Alumni

 @GideonWilliams ‌, since the Quizzes.Next beta is limited to specific accounts and users that have opted into the testing phase, questions and discussions about the features and functionality of the new quiz tool should take place within the Quizzes.Next User Group‌. We invite K-12 members of that group who are also currently testing the new tool to add their responses to .

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