Alternative Education programs


Good morning to all of our Canvas | Instructure family!

I am a former teacher (12 yrs in the classroom, 3 years inst tech), Canvas Solutions Engineer (4 years), now Sr. Acct Executive at Instructure.

I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with a small charter school that has a focus on alternative learning. They are highly focused on supporting students that just have not thrived in a traditional school setting. I would really love to hear stories from schools and teachers that work in similar settings/schools and just how Canvas has played a role in impacting the achievement of these students. Whether these students are searching for an expedited path to graduation, recovering credits, or in need of an atmosphere that focuses more on Social-Emotional Learning, they need to be supported with equitable access to high quality curriculum as well as the tools needed to show what they know and receive timely and effective feedback.

What are some of your best practices? Please share these amazing stories!

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