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With the recent change that allows more than 3 announcements to be pinned to the top of a course homepage, our team decided to organize courses the same way teachers often do when they are in their classroom - by week.

We are pinning 5 announcements, with dates for titles. Students who are absent or need extra support from a previous lesson can just click on the Announcements in course navigation to quickly find resources recently posted. Canvas support thinks they will be able to see at least that last 75 announcements posted.

We are setting the home page to a page with a welcoming video, gif or banner, along with resources that teachers routinely refer to. 

Oh...and BOOM . We are encouraging the use of emojis to make the page welcoming to students. Take a look at our template. This particular template Canvas Commons only shows 3 announcements so as not to overwhelm teachers as we are conducting training. What do you think? 


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