Any ideas that would blow my mind?

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I am a secondary teaching and learning specialist who had been teaching science for 20 years. We are a Canvas district and I have been using it for about a little over a decade. I have ideas for those starting out with Canvas but would LOVE ideas to help those who want to push the platform even further via innovative ideas for quizzes, add-on, discussions or anything. I want to take Canvas beyond multiple choice quizzes that students complete.

Thank you so much!!!

Mike Mohmmad


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Hey Mike

Just posted about CurrikiStudio and links with Canvas. 

I also just made my first Escape Room in Canvas using pre-requisites and a range of other tools. Its not perfect and would benefit with some additional ideas and thoughts.

Whilst not hugely revolutionary, I like the idea of creating a role where senior students eg those doing IB/AP/A-Level could have authorship permissions to create pages.

I think the work Canvas are doing with digital badges (Canvas Credentials) is extremely revolutionary - we just need to get this into schools! There is a cost implication though.

Ages ago I played about with bots in Canvas and still think this has some mileage to make access easier for staff and students.

Had a look at the work being done on design with CidiLabs - this is amazing although not free. I've always used the mantra engagement is not a proxy for learning but I can see just how helpful good design is to get learners enthused by a topic.

Would love to catch up for a longer chat sometime. Perhaps we can get a group of us together online to shoot the edtech breeze!


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Love these ideas from @GideonWilliams and I love that @mohammam asked! I am a big fan of gamified learning and digital badges is a great way to acknowledge learning and track mastery. It also provides a great visual for learners to see the pathway and the plan. Even if you were to allow learners to create their own pathways. 

Also, I've since left my role as a school district admin and joined the team at Cidi Labs because of how rad and awesome it helps to elevate the design experience in Canvas. I've helped integrate tons of edtech tools into Canvas and Cidi Labs does a great job and brings a ton of flare and rad design elements to the Canvas pages. 

I also love to remind folks about the power of Canvas Groups. I think these are hard to wrap our heads around but have some great power. For example, teachers could be added into a Group (without being added to a course) so they can share ideas and carry on discussions and collaborations across the district but managed through Canvas. 

Also, even though its not free, I really loved having Studio tools for recording videos and then editing those videos before posting. It provides a more powerful video editor for students to create rad work. And, if we are speaking of videos I would be remised not to mention WeVideo. One of the best, if not best, edtech realtime collaborative video tools for students. Well worth the cost. 

Good luck with other ideas! 

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