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Apps for Canvas (6-12)

Favorite Canvas Apps for 6-12 and go......  Do you add them at Admin level or let teachers add them to their course? 

Anyone done a workshop on this if so, are you willing to share?

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Hello  @Gina_Hutchens ,

I can tell you a few I know my teachers use:


Redirect Tool



I'm sure there are other apps they use but that's all I can think of at the moment.

If an entire campuses chooses to use a specific app then we will enable at the sub-account level for just that campus if it's only a few teachers then we guide them through integrating the app themselves.  We have a handout with "tips" and this process is part of that.

Hope this helps a bit.

Community Team
Community Team

In addition to the ideas that Yaddira shared, I would like to give some love to Flipgrid!!

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I would also add Quizlet!  For the most part I tell teachers how to add the apps and then they add what makes sense for them.  The exception would be something like Brain Pop where we have a district license.  For these, I add the app at the admin level.