Can admin manage Observer accounts? How?

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I have a parent who is trying to create an Observer account, but she is getting the message that her email is already in use.

How do I help her?

When I search for her email in Users, it doesn't show up. This seems like the wrong way to get at this. There must be a way for me to see who is linked to my students or somehow access emails linked to accounts in my instance. Seems like this should be an easy fix, but I don't know how.

Also would love to be able to see Observer analytics. Who's being observed, how much, etc? Would also like to be able to control (to some degree) a parent's access if issues of abuse or legal protection concerns arise.

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Hi cgiraud

If you are an account admin you should indeed be able to search for a user by name or email. My guess in this case is that the user account with that email was deleted, however it's still in the Canvas database, because hardly a thing really gets deleted in Canvas. The solution for this would be to click on the Help menu and "Report the Problem". The Canvas Support team can resolve this.

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