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Canvas App Recommendations for K12

I am trying to determine what apps to install at the Account level of Canvas for a K12 institution.

What apps on the Canvas app list are most useful to teachers and are best installed at the account level?

What apps are better installed by the teacher at the course level?

What apps are less useful/user friendly?

What about apps that are not in the Canvas App list? I know some sites, such as Credly, can be added to Canvas but are not in the list and so must be added manually. Anything found to be a really great app that requires manual addition to the account level?

Any insight on this topic is much appreciated!

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We install our textbooks, Google Apps, Dropbox, Quizlet, Twitter, TedEd, Khan Academy, educreation, and Badge at the account level.  The only one of We install things that are campus purchases like Brainpop, at the subaccount level.  Teachers are able to install other things if they wish or if they have purchased.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi! This is a great question! Because of it's openness, I'm going to convert this Question to a Discussion! I look forward to seeing all of the contributions.